9th Feb 2024

International Day of Women in Science: Meet Petra KRAMMER Chemical Manager at ACC

Meet Petra KRAMMER  Chemical Manager

At ACC, we believe that women in science are a force for change. We have plenty of women scientists in a wide variety of applications and professions, from biotechnology and nanotechnology to chemistry, environmental engineering and computer physics. As the world hurtles towards a future threatened by climate change, and as we celebrate International Day of Women in Science, we want to recognize them and promote their achievements. 

One of these amazing women is Petra KRAMMER, Chemical Manager at ACC... 

Petra, can you introduce yourself and describe your background?

I studied chemical engineering and I particularly enjoyed understanding the whole process from a chemical reaction to building a pilot plant and analysing the results. I've been in the automotive industry for 19 years in various roles in plants, portfolio planning, R&D and engineering and took the opportunity to spend 6 months on a short term assignment in Detroit. It is all about taking control of your career - build your network and take the opportunities that come your way if they fit your plans. I also spent 4-5 years in the pharmaceutical industry setting up new processes for drugs in an ongoing production. Don't be afraid to try new things. I've never regretted moving on. Lifelong learning is a prerequisite.

Did you dream of becoming a scientist as a child?

Well, I did make some chemistry trials at home as a child- my parents were not amused 😊. Luckily everything went out well.

What are you working on at the moment / What does your job at ACC involve?

I started in Kaiserslautern as a line manager and now head the Cell Chemistry team in Engineering. We are in the middle of defining and optimising the cell chemistry from the materials to the electrodes to meet the performance requirements of the cell. We are still growing and trying to find enthusiastic engineers with expertise in active materials and/or data processing to join our teams.

What challenges have you faced as a woman scientist?

Honestly- so far none. I always enjoyed working within Engineering, even if most of colleagues were men, I’ve been always trusted to fulfil my job. Ladies- go for it!


What advice would you give to a young girl wondering about these careers?

Follow your personal goals and plan. Trust yourself and your knowledge, whatever your situation, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.