1st Mar 2024

ACC reaches 94/100 on the gender equality index in 2023!

ACC Index d'égalité professionnelle 2023

After obtaining a score of 92/100 in the 2022 edition of the Egapro index, which evaluates gender pay disparities, ACC is reaffirming its commitment to gender equality and the fight against all forms of discrimination by obtaining a score of 94/100 for 2023. This result is up to 2 points compared to last year even as ACC's workforce is growing strongly.

The principle of equal pay for women and men has been legally established in France since 1972. However, disparities remain for equal work. Many laws have been enacted to change this situation. The french law entitled Avenir Professionnel, which came into force in September 2018, introduced the gender equality index, which is calculated and disseminated each year on a dedicated government website and the company website, which must reflect the results of progress plans instituted by companies with more than 50 employees.

The index is calculated on the basis of 5 indicators (base 100, see table):

  1. The gender pay gap (40)
  2. The gender pay gap in the distribution of individual pay rise (20)
  3. The distribution gap for promotions (15)
  4. The percentage of female employees who received a raise in the year they returned from maternity or adoption leave (15)
  5. The number of employees of the under-represented gender in the ten highest paid employees (10)

For the year 2023, ACC obtained a score of 94/100, up 2 points compared with 2022 given that the average of companies responding to the index is 88/100, also up 2 points compared with 2022.

ACC reaches 94/100 on the gender equality index in 2023!

As a reminder: companies with an overall score of less than 85/100 are required to set targets for improvement published on their website. For those with a score below 75/100, appropriate corrective measures must be taken and published on their website.

ACC is committed to gender equality and will continue to strive for improvement as we strongly believe that our performance is closely linked to the diversity of our teams.