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WHITE PAPER 9th Jan 2024

Electric Mythbusters: Separating Fact from Fiction in EV Ownership

Electric Mythbusters

We hear a lot about batteries and electric vehicles:

  • They don't have enough range
  • They're not that environmentally friendly or economical
  • And the list goes on...

But what is true and what is false?

As one of Europe's leading EV battery manufacturers, we thought it was time to set the record straight. We took a look at every positive and negative claim we could find. And we asked our experts for their opinion. Their answers are compiled in a little guide that we're pleased to offer you, "Electric Mythbusters".

Vehicle range, recharging infrastructure, running and maintenance costs are no longer obstacles to the purchase of a vehicle. The cost of EVs continues to fall. What's more, they offer a silent, flexible and responsive driving experience. So sit back, relax and read on to demystify some of the facts about owning and driving an electric vehicle.

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