Business Ethics & Governance 



Good practice is good business

We want to act with honesty, integrity, and professionalism and promote fair operating practices in all countries and regions where we have a presence.
We demand the highest standards of accountability – both from ourselves and from the people we work with. And we demand that every supplier maintains standards equivalent to ours and remedies any shortcomings.


What is at stake?

  • We need to be constantly alert to the risk that the extraction of metals around the world may involve human rights abuses.
  • According to the World Bank Institute, the total amount of bribes paid each year worldwide exceeds $1 trillion. That's nearly 10 times the amount of aid we give to developing countries.
  • In 2015, 1 in 5 companies worldwide reported facing at least one demand for a bribe. Two-thirds of the foreign bribery cases occurred in the extraction, construction, transportation and storage sectors, as well as information and communication services.

Our “code of ethics” and
“anti-corruption code of conduct”

We’ve adopted a clear set of rules to promote fair operating practices in all countries and regions where we have a presence. This is embodied in the ACC “Code of Ethics” and the “Anti-corruption Code of Conduct” applicable to all ACC employees and business partners. And we apply the highest possible health and safety standards, both to our employees and to our contractors. We appointed a compliance officer and set up a whistle-blowing process to ensure the codes are applied. We’re working on a due diligence process incorporating principles of the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct and other relevant international standards.

Our purchasing activities are conducted in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards, as stated in our Code of Conduct. We’re seeking to advance respect for human rights thoughout our extended supply chains, from our first-tier suppliers all the way back to the mining practices. 

Download our code of Ethics to find out more.
Download our anticorruption code of conduct.



Our fair operating practices commitment

At ACC, we’re totally committed to fair operating practices and developing a healthy market environment.
This means we comply with all laws and regulations, promote fair competition and avoid corruption or anti-competitive practices in any form.
We’ll uphold the highest standards in our relationships with other organizations and government agencies, along with their partners, suppliers, contractors, customers, competitors, and associations to which they belong.
Wherever possible, we’ll promote sustainability and social responsibility in the value chain, respect for human rights, labor and safety at work, and respect for property rights.