WNE: NAAREA and ACC sign a partnership agreement


28th Nov 2023
ACC x Naarea

Paris, 28 October 2023

On the occasion of the World Nuclear Exhibition, NAAREA, a French company at the forefront of nuclear innovation, has signed a partnership agreement with ACC (Automotive Cells Company), a European high-tech leader in the development and manufacturing of electric vehicle batteries. ACC aims to study how NAAREA’s XAMR® solution can help meet carbon neutrality objectives and the energy supply needs of its future gigafactories. 

NAAREA is a French company that is designing and developing an innovative and sustainable fourth-generation molten salt fast neutron microreactor capable of producing electricity (40 MWe) and heat (80 MWe) from very long-lived spent fuel, thus fully closing the fuel cycle. NAAREA’s microreactors – the XAMR® – will be installed in close proximity to intensive energy consumers, primarily in industry, to provide them with a carbon-free and decentralized energy solution. 

At WNE, the world’s foremost civil nuclear exhibition, NAAREA and fellow technology leader ACC, a European company developing and industrializing the next generation of sustainable, affordable batteries with a high capacity and long service life, have announced their cooperation to carry out a use case study to determine how NAAREA’s XAMR® solution can meet the future needs of ACC’s gigafactories.
The signature of this memorandum of understanding (MoU) reflects the shared commitment of NAAREA and ACC to work towards achieving the carbon neutrality objectives set for 2030 and to contribute to job creation in France and in Europe, through the development of innovative technologies.
NAAREA is marking a new key step in its strategic development as it pursues its plan to bring the XAMR® to market by 2030. 

I am delighted for NAAREA and ACC, a European leader in electric vehicle batteries, to announce their cooperation at the WNE.  This partnership aims to show the benefits and value our technology offers for industries seeking to provide sustainable, innovative and low-carbon solutions. NAAREA and ACC share a common desire to meet the industrial challenges of decarbonization and the energy transition”, commented Jean-Luc Alexandre, Founder and CEO of NAAREA. 

ACC pursues a twofold ambition: creating the strongest possible European electric vehicle battery industry, enabling France and Europe to ensure their industrial independence and sovereignty; and achieving the goals for the energy transition, in particular in terms of reducing CO2 emissions, in which batteries are a key factor. This partnership fits perfectly into this framework, as access to a competitive and carbon-free energy source is key for ACC”, emphasized Jean Mouro, deputy COO of ACC.
About NAAREA: 
NAAREA (Nuclear Abundant Affordable Resourceful Energy for All) was founded in 2020 by Jean-Luc Alexandre and Ivan Gavriloff to help meet the objectives of energy sovereignty, decarbonization and improving the energy mix. NAAREA is developing a groundbreaking energy solution that will completely close the fuel cycle: the XAMR® (eXtrasmall Advanced Modular Reactor), a molten salt fast neutron microreactor capable of producing electricity (40 megawatts electric) and heat (80 megawatts thermal) that will burn plutonium and the most highly radiotoxic waste (with a lifetime of over 100,000 years) produced by nuclear power plants. The XAMR® is designed to be industrially mass-produced and installed in close proximity to consumers, namely in the mobility sector, electro-intensive industries and remote areas. NAAREA benefits from the support of the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), as well as industry players such as Assystem, Dassault Systèmes, Orano and Framatome. A carbon-free and non-intermittent energy source planned to be on the market by 2030, the NAAREA XAMR® is opening the way for sustainable and innovative nuclear energy that supports energy independence, increased resilience and the circular economy. NAAREA is a winner of the “Innovative Nuclear Reactors” call for proposals under the France 2030 investment plan and a beneficiary of the French Tech 2030 support programme. 
Learn more at: www.naarea.fr   

NAAREA press contacts: 
Publicis Consultants 
Sylvain Drillon: sylvain.drillon@publicisconsultants.com – +33 (0)6 44 71 35 68
Lucie Bonilla: lucie.bonilla@publicisconsultants.com – +33 (0)6 74 77 27 22


About ACC:
Automotive Cells Company (ACC) aims to become the European leader in electric vehicle batteries. Our project is supported by TotalEnergies-Saft, Stellantis and Mercedes AG, as well as European authorities, particularly French, German and Italian. Based in these three countries, we are working to develop and industrialize the next generation of cleaner energy sources for transport thanks to sustainable, affordable, high-capacity batteries with a long service life.
As a high tech company, we have invested €7 billion in the first stages of our development. Our R&D Expertise Center is already operational in Bruges (in greater Bordeaux, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region of France), as is our pilot factory in Nersac, France (outside of Angoulême, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine). Our first gigafactory in Billy-Berclau/Douvrin, in the Hauts-de-France region, was inaugurated in May 2023 and mass production is about to begin. Over the next few years, we will continue to advance our innovation and production capacities with a new applied engineering centre and a second gigafactory (planned to open in Germany in 2025), as well as a third gigafactory in Termoli, Italy. We have established a global network of R&D partners, as well as industrial partners and suppliers.



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