ACC met today with the newly elected president of the Molise Region and the regional council


19th Sep 2023
ACC Termoli Gigafactory
  • Automotive Cells Company held a meeting today at its offices in the Termoli plant with the new President of the Molise Region, Francesco Roberti, and relevant representatives of the region management in order to present an update on its European business plan and renew the collaboration with local institutions in order to execute the ambitious project in Italy.
  • The support of all stakeholders, particularly national and regional institutions, is essential to safeguard the future competitiveness of ACC's production facility in Termoli in a European and global industry characterized by rapid technological development and an economic environment challenged by high inflation. 
  • ACC's Gigafactory in Termoli represents an investment of more than 2 billion euros, at least 1,800 employees are expected in 2030 and its start of production is scheduled in 2026.

Termoli, September 19th, 2023 –  ACC, a joint venture born from the initiative undertaken in 2020 by Stellantis and TotalEnergies (together with its sister company Saft), joined by Mercedes-Benz, and supported by France, Germany, Italy and the European Union, met today with the new President of the Molise Region and the new regional administration to renew cooperation in this delicate phase of the project to build the Gigafactory in Termoli and reaffirm the essential role of institutions in this ambitious industrial plan.

ACC's goal is to develop and manufacture cells and battery modules for electric vehicles with a focus on safety, performance and competitiveness, while ensuring the highest level of quality and lowest carbon footprint. ACC's plan in Italy will mobilize an investment of more than 2 billion euros, which will be supported by grants and financed with equity and debt. The creation of this European battery champion will support Italy and Europe in addressing the challenges of the energy transition in mobility, helping to reduce dependence on Asian suppliers and ensuring security of supply of a key component for the electric car industry.

"We consider the relationship with the regional administration to be of fundamental importance in achieving our ambitious goals in Molise This investment represents an opportunity for technological advancement of the Italian manufacturing industry and places the country and the Molise Region at the forefront of the transition to electric mobility. The local territory can do a lot for the project for example by facilitating the upgrading of the railway infrastructure and the availability of sustainable and affordable electricity, we are very much counting on it. " said Benoit Torres, ACC's Termoli Project Vice President. 

"Today we are witnessing a global race to attract investments on battery production, where the United States for example is offering billion-dollar public incentives in an attempt to increase its production capacity and keep up with China's. The European Union and its Member States must be up to this game to safeguard  a strategic sector like automotive that is highly exposed to international competition. The role of the Italian Government is crucial to ensure the competitiveness of our Termoli Gigafactory versus the others in Europe and in the USA for instance. The Italian government is already heavily involved in safeguarding this strategic project but we hope it can also intervene to support further the necessary technological upgrades and offset the negative effects of inflation." Torres continued.

For ACC, the investment in Italy is not only essential to help protect the industrial and employment base of the Biferno Valley, but also has the ambition to affirm the country's role in the European battery industry.


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Born in 2020, we were built for the fast-paced, high-tech environment that is the modern energy industry. We are strong in the world of electric vehicle battery technology. We are the result of an initiative undertaken by Stellantis and TotalEnergies-along with its subsidiary Saft-joined by Mercedes-Benz, and strongly supported by France, Germany, Italy and the European Union.
Our new R&D center is already up and running in Bruges (Bordeaux), along with a state-of-the-art pilot plant in Nersac, France (Nouvelle Aquitaine). Our first Gigafactory was opened in Billy-Berclau Douvrin, Hauts-de-France. Then there is our new Applied Engineering Center and a second lithium-ion Gigafactory planned in Germany for 2025. Finally, there is a Gigafactory in Termoli, Italy, whose production will begin in 2026. This is a total investment of 7 billion euros, and it is just the beginning. We are putting down long-term roots around the world, securing a global network of R&D collaborators, industrial partners and suppliers.

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ACC Termoli Gigafactory
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