5th Oct 2022

A colossal construction project that is making great strides!

Gigafactory des batteries ACC

Summit meeting on the construction site of the future Gigafactory

You had to see it to believe it. The members of the Executive Committee met last Tuesday in Billy-Berclau Douvrin to admire the progress of the Gigafactory construction site and to salute the work of the teams. 
Photographed in front of the building's facade, at its highest point, our executives felt like ants in front of the immensity of the project, whose astonishing proportions we shared with you a few weeks ago. 

Excom members in front of ACC's gigafactory

The main building is now enclosed and covered. The first machines will be installed in December.

Excom members in ACC's gigafactory
Excom members in ACC's gigafactory

It is now a concrete reality in Billy-Berclau Douvrin, after just seven months of work. Already 10 ACC employees are working on site, in addition to the 250 people working on the site. By December there will be 40, a figure that will be multiplied by 5 by the start of production in September 2023, then by 10. The pressure is on to find the right people! 
The teams on site are multiplying local initiatives to make themselves known: two weeks ago, they took part in the "Ca bouge à Billy Berclau" event, which aimed to promote alternative mobility in the town. 

La Voix du Nord also regularly visits the site. Their latest article featured a video of the Gigafactory from the air, along with a nice article about the rapid progress of the construction site. And since a beautiful picture is worth a thousand words, we'll let you discover them: 

LVDN - Gigafactory battery





LVDN - Gigafactory battery





Watch the video

Doesn't it just blow your mind?