25th Nov 2021

France-Korea - Cooperation for the future of Automotive Battery Cells

France-Korea - Cooperation for the future of Automotive Battery Cells

ACC has great hopes for the development of a special partnership between France and the Republic of Korea. So great, that last week, we organized a large-scale mission led by Jean-Baptiste Pernot (COO), Philippe Biensan (CTO), Hubert Chappotteau (HR Director), Jean-Baptiste Formery (Purchasing Director), Matthieu Hubert (SG) and Stéphanie Chouzenoux (Industrial Manager of the chemical and electrical processes division).

Objectives and benefits of this long trip, far from our lands of Bruges / Nersac / Billy-Berclau / Kaiserslautern? At least 3:

1. To meet the material and equipment suppliers with whom we already work, to visit their production sites, to praise the incredible growth prospects offered by the future European battery market, to better explain the leading role that ACC intends to play at the heart of this market, to weave long term relationships... And, in so doing, to lay the first foundations for possible investments by these Korean suppliers in Europe;

2. To enlarge this panel of suppliers, to prospect, to open our perspectives of collaboration. Remember that South Korea has extensive technical know-how and solid experience in the design and manufacture of modules and battery cells. It has a highly developed ecosystem based on innovative companies at the cutting edge of battery technology (Korean manufacturers now account for one-third of the world market). More than 10 new companies had the opportunity to present their activities. So many potential new collaborations, so many potential new horizons of development;

3. To put ACC "on the world map" of the battery industry by giving a strong spotlight on our situation and our ambitions. In concrete terms, this resulted in the organization of a major event in Seoul at the French Embassy, with the support and presence of the French Minister Cedric O, the French Ambassador to Korea, and the President of the French-Korean Chamber of Commerce. About sixty people attended this event, including journalists from the general and specialized press, CEOs of current or potential suppliers, and managers of the Korean battery industry... This allowed for very broad media coverage, amplified by the publication of interviews given by Jean-Baptiste Pernot in two major national newspapers;

Watch some of the key moments of this event on video (in French)

Watch the full event (in French)

We would like to particularly thank Business France, the FKCCI French Korean Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the French Embassy in Seoul for their valuable help in organizing this mission.