24th Nov 2023

Meet Rocio Escudero, our Travel Manager.

Rocio is travel manager at ACC

She usually jokes that she speaks one and a half languages as she is fluent in Spanish, her mother tongue, and both French and English. She is an asset to the world of business travel. A world that she knows well, as she began her career in Spain at a travel agency and climbed all the steps of the ladder to become a Director in charge of the biggest Spanish companies, such as Inditex (Zara group …), at Carlson Wagon Lit Travel.

Rocio travelled all around the world for more than 10 years, so she knows every aspect of a business trip. She is well aware of all the troubles one wants to avoid during their travels.


Do you know these words you hear all the time when you go on a business trip?

You are so lucky, you will visit this city or country and have time for yourself... In fact, during a business trip, your working days are longer as you travel from early in the morning to late at night. During that time, you are an ambassador of ACC from the moment you wake up until your sleeping time.

That is when you want a reliable bed in your hotel, smooth transportation, and less to worry about during your journey.  Thanks to Rocio, all these points have been checked way before you even thought you would go on a trip and at an advantageous rate for the company.
She plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth and efficient travel experiences.


So what motivated Rocio to join ACC?

She was on a gap year, but only for a month, when she went through an article on LinkedIn about ACC, its industrial project and goals. An article that aroused her curiosity and interest, and finally got her out of her break.

We are lucky to have Rocio among us. 

Right now, she has just launched the new travel policy for ACC. An asset in the world of business travel. She used to say that she is in a team of 1000 people as everybody might need to travel.  She is also committed to ensuring durable and greener travel experiences as ACC pushes in that direction.

And, a funny fact, her contract at ACC began on May 1st, a bank holiday and a day when everybody travels... Rocio was already looking after us.